Hannes Winkler

Born in 1955, Hannes Winkler studied Managerial Informatics at the University of Vienna from 1974–1979. His postgraduate studies and research for the university of Vienna, accompanied by an internship, took place in Paris. He completed his doctorate in Economics at the University of Vienna in 1982. From 1981–1983 he studied for an MBA at the Stanford Business School. He joined McKinsey & Co in 1984, and worked for the consultancy in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Germany and Austria. From 1988–1994 he ran the EFS group of management consultancies in Vienna, specializing in Management Consulting, Information Technology and Executive Search. In 1989 Ventana Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H was founded as a holding company for the EFS Group, M & A Bank AG and later industrial investments such as Frauenthal, Schönherr Chemnitzer Webmaschinenbau and Styria Federn, and served as managing partner. From 1994–1997 he was responsible for the operational management of the Group company Schönherr (restructuring and recovery) as its managing director. Hannes Winkler has been a member of the Frauenthal Holding AG Supervisory Board since 1997 (as Chairman from 1998–2007 and again since March 2010), he is a member of the Supervisory Board of SHT Haustechnik AG since 2004, a subsidiary of Frauenthal, and was chairman at SHT from 2004 - 2012. He is also controlling shareholder of Ventana Holding / Validus Group (Real Estate development) in Austria and of Schönherr WEBA Group in Chemnitz, Germany. In 2012 he founded EPEX Management AG in Liechtenstein and EPE European Private Equity SA in Luxemburg together with co-investors.

Currently Hannes Winkler is acting CEO and controlling Shareholder of Frauenthal Holding AG, a publicly quoted company at the Vienna Stock Exchange, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SHT and ÖAG and managing director of VENTANA Holding GmbH, TRIGAMMA Vermögensverwaltung GmbH and President of EPEX Management AG.